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Financing Option for LED Lighting Retrofit

Financing for LED Lighting

Contrary to what most facility owners may think, financing LED lighting through a lease actually make alot of sense. Here are some reasons why:

1. Overall Savings

Changing to LED lights requires a initial investment up front, and if you make the right retrofit decisions, should require little to no maintenance and payback 30-50% of your initial investment in operating cost for the next 5 to 10 years. MountainLED currently provides leasing plans from 4 - 8% annually. Instead of incurring a large cashflow to tight organizational finances, purchasing through a least to own plan of 2-3 years works makes minimal changes in the overall savings.

2. Save as you go

Essentially, the lease can also be seen as a save-as-you-go plan. Use the monthly savings you experience to pay back the lease on the lights instead. After 2-3 years, the organization basically got a free facility upgrade with no real additional money expenditure.

3. Accelerated Depreciation

Depending on the details and the type of retrofit, an facility can use the lease-to-own plan as a way to achieve accelerated depreciation on the facility upgrade through a lease to own program.

4. Rebate Cashback

Depending on the details and the type of retrofit, facilities can receive a rebate cashback from the government immediately after retrofit completion, which may be substantial and by itself pay for the first year of leasing costs.

MountainLED will be happy to help you learn more about these different options!

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