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We have rebranded our MountainLED division to be Tekarra Green to better communicate the full range of work we do to help businesses save money and the environment. Our new email is and our udpated website is our new website

As part of that we retired the website - only to discover that it has been purchased by an unknown entity (likely a hacker). Please DO NOT visit this website, or enter any information of any kind to the website, or correspond to any email from or .ca.

All our customer data is safe and never accessible by the hackers.

To learn from our mistake. Please make sure you pay and keep your domain names even they are no longer being used to protect your reputation as they can be taken over by hackers for nefarious deeds if you don't. Here's an articles going into more depth. 


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We have re-branded MountainLED to Tekarra Green

**Warning - Our old website MountainLED has been hacked and we no longer own it

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